Techniques for Publishing in Transformative Ground-Breaking Journals

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Learn techniques and strategies for publishing in transformative ground-breaking journals with Dr. Lewis Collins, Editor-in-Chief of One Earth (a Cell Press journal). Dr. Collins will share tips on developing your papers for ground-breaking publications, elaborate on his experience of working with researchers and authors throughout the research publishing cycle and the opportunity to broadly disseminate findings. Dr. Collins will also share more details about the growth of Cell Press journals in the physical and environmental sciences field, including the launch of many new titles such as Chem, Matter, Joule, and One Earth. He’ll outline Cell Press’ approach to high-demand, multi-disciplinary content, and expanding OA publishing strategies at Cell Press. Join this engaging webinar to find the answers to your

About the presenter

Lewis Collins
Dr. Lewis Collins

Editor-in-Chief, One Earth

Inspired by David Attenborough documentaries as a child (and an adult), Lewis has been amazed by the natural world from an early age. While undergraduate and master’s degrees in Earth science (Cardiff University) and climate change (University of East Anglia) nurtured this interest, it was his doctoral (British Antarctic Survey) and post-doctoral (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) research on Antarctica that centred his focus on environmental change. Following over 5 years with the Nature Publishing Group, where he led the Nature Communications’ Earth editorial team, Lewis joined Cell Press in 2018 to launch One Earth, a journal focused on advancing our ability to better understand and address the world’s most pressing environmental grand challenges.  


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