2021 Pieces of Matter: Perovskites

About this video

Materials science is collaborative, and often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Organized by Matter, this “pieces” webinar is an inaugural attempt to host an online discussion focused on a single material platform with a selection of invited experts—six individuals to share “pieces” of the same subject: perovskites.

In recent years, the research and development of perovskites in the materials space has been unprecedented. One of the most promising features of perovskites is their photoactivity. Applications have been proposed in the areas of LEDS, photocatalysis, and X-rays/scintillators. The most attention has been given to perovskites’ photovoltaic potential; i.e., solar cells. Perovskites found themselves at the right place at the right time—a highly flexible platform at the intersection of societal need (renewable energy) and emerging materials science (synthesis, characterization, and device engineering). This has led to an emerging and strong community of researchers with a common goal.

We have invited six global leaders in the field to summarize one aspect of their perovskite research: Tonio Buonassisi, MIT Maria Loi, University Groningen Sam Stranks, Cambridge University Aron Walsh, Imperial College Peidong Yang, University of California Berkeley Angus Yip, CityU of Hong Kong After brief technical presentations, we will move to a question-driven discussion between panelists, with both prearranged questions and the opportunity for the audience to ask the experts.

If you wish to contribute a prearranged question, please contact Steve Cranford at [email protected]. The participants were selected for their expertise, as well as their participation in the perovskite symposia in recent conferences, in which Prof. Yuanyuan (Alvin) Zhou has been actively involved. In addition to this webinar, each author was invited to contribute a relatively short perspective piece to Matter, all of which will be published in our December 2021 issue.

About the presenters

Angus Yip
Peidong Yang
Aron Walsh
Sam Stranks
Maria Loi
Tonio Buonassisi


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