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You’ve decided to explore career options in industry, but are there any special points to consider when job hunting? The answer is yes, and in these modules, we highlight what they are and how you can prepare for them.

You’ll find out how to take the experiences you’ve gained in the lab and translate them into practical skills any employer can relate to. You’ll also learn how to write a CV that will appeal to a company boss. Finally, we run you through a typical interview process and some of the questions you are likely to be asked.

Total Time
2+ hours
0 / 2
  • English

What you will learn

  • Tips on profiling your skills
  • Advice on writing a CV
  • Information about industry interviews
4 modules
1 h
Job search

How to make the most of your PhD capabilities and find fulfilling jobs

As an early career researcher, or someone in the final stages of their PhD, a perennial question on one’s mind is “what’s next?”.
1 h
Job search

Job search strategies for early career researchers

Researchers at the start of their career don't often know where or how to search for jobs - academic or otherwise. This webinar takes you through key strategies,
4 m
Job search

Writing an effective CV

Find out which skills to showcase in your CV if you want to move from academia to industry.
3 m
Job search

Preparing for an industry interview

As an early career researcher, you have probably survived your fair share of interviews and have a good idea what an employer wants to hear.