Career guidance

As a researcher, your career path will be littered with crossroads and side tracks. Faced with all those choices, how do you decide on the right route for you? In our career guidance resources, you will find some helpful words of wisdom from seasoned colleagues.

We examine the ingredients required to make the ideal supervisor who can support and advise you on your journey. We explore how you can maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. We discover why it’s so important to be bold and nurture fresh thinking. And, we run through some of the differences you will encounter if you move from academia to industry.

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1+ hours
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  • English

What you will learn

  • Help with choosing a supervisor
  • Guidance on work–life balance
  • Insight into a career in industry
7 modules
8 m
Career guidance

Podcast: 5 tips for researchers to support a healthy research career

Making an impact through research is an important goal of many researchers, but this goal might impact or hamper healthy and sustainable work patterns.
9 m
Career guidance

How to network at conferences

Networking at conferences is one of the most important parts of a researcher’s job.
1 h
Career guidance

Managing mental health: dealing with imposter syndrome and more

This module draws on latest psychology to look at evidence-based strategies you can use to stay well while you research.
5 m
Career guidance

A healthy work-life balance

A busy scientist and mother-of-three shares her secrets to success.
2 m
Career guidance

Choosing a career in academia or industry

To move or not to move – we run through some of the pros and cons.
1 m
Career guidance

Thinking outside the box

A senior scientist explains why you should never be afraid to break the mould.
2 m
Career guidance

How to select a supervisor

Your supervisor plays an important role in shaping the early years of your career so finding the right one is crucial.