Fundamentals of publishing

You are probably familiar with the saying “publish or perish”. To ensure your publishing career thrives, we recommend investing a little time in understanding how the process works.

In these fundamentals of publishing modules, we cover the basics. You will learn about the publishing cycle and we introduce you to some of the key players and their roles. We zoom in to examine the origins of Publishers and walk you through their services. And, we offer some sound advice on weighing up the value and accuracy of the research you read. Last, but definitely not least, we turn our thoughts to the problem of unconscious bias in the publishing process.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to publishing and the key players
  • Key points to consider when evaluating research
  • A frank discussion on unconscious bias

Modules in Fundamentals of publishing

1.5 h
Fundamentals of publishing

It takes a village: Safeguarding quality in scholarly communication

Scholarly communication evolves and changes at an unprecedented rate and scale today.
8 m
Fundamentals of publishing

The origins of scientific publishing

Did you know, the origins of journal publishing can be traced back to the 17th century?
15 m
Fundamentals of publishing

10 reasons to get – and use – an ORCID iD

Names are far from unique. With an ORCID iD, researchers can benefit from being properly identified.
40 m
Fundamentals of publishing

The journal publishing cycle

Your handy guide to scholarly publishing and the journal publishing cycle.
40 m
Fundamentals of publishing

Making sense of science stories

Find out why you should always ask whether research is peer reviewed. And if it isn’t, ask why not.
48 m
Fundamentals of publishing

Gender Bias in academic publishing

Unconscious gender bias: what is it and what can we do to make the publishing process fairer for all?