Top 5 career questions for researchers

About this video

How do you take decisions regarding your professional future as a researcher? Making a career in academia can be challenging and it's natural to feel like you don't see the complete picture. Building on the considerable experience in coaching researchers and the questions raised during a popular Researcher Academy career module of January 2019, Researcher Academy is presenting you a new, live module answering all your questions about making a career in research.

In this module, experts Ralph Rousseau and Chiat Cheong will present to you many opportunities that are suitable for PhD graduates and researchers. They will also discuss how to avoid adapting yourself to fit a specific job description and instead start to identify jobs that suit you.

After watching this webinar, you will come away with clear awareness of the professional value of your PhD, and how to find your intrinsic motivation.

About the presenters

Chiat Cheong

Founder Qia Consultancy & Training and Policy Advisor at the University of Amsterdam.

Chiat is scientist by training. She spent the first 11 years of her career in academic research, in the field of cancer gene therapy. When academia could no longer provide her what she looked for in a career, she changed her professional focus. Since 2009 she supports scientists in career orientation, benefitting from her research background and the struggles in career transition she went through herself. In 2016 she established Qia Consultancy & Training to provide consultancy to research organizations in the set-up of PhD programmes for career orientation. She also runs trainings, workshops and offers individual coaching. She provides structure and guidance in identifying opportunities where one can both make the most of their PhD Power and find job fulfilment.

Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks

Assistant professor science education at Utrecht University, motivational speaker, professional musician

Ralph Rousseau Meulenbroeks holds a PhD in physics and graduated cum laude in the fields of physics, music (viola da gamba), and science education. He has been a soloist with major orchestras such as the Concertgebouw Orchestra and was employed in fusion physics research, but he also worked as a high school physics teacher. He currently combines an assistant professorship at Utrecht University (educational sciences) with his activities in music and motivational speaking. His prime interest is intrinsic motivation. In workshops and lectures, he invites highly educated professionals to get into contact with their true driving forces, empowering them to find fulfilling careers. Together with Chiat Cheong, he is hosting a series of retreats designed to do just that.