How to network at conferences

About this video

Networking at conferences is one of the most important parts of a researcher’s job. There is nothing surprising about importance of conferences as they give scientists space to discuss their research and are key avenues for forming collaborations and furthering one’s research.

In this video, Sheba Agarwal, a publisher and Elsevier’s in-house networking expert shares with you some concrete tricks of how to efficiently network at conferences. Other than discussing various ways, she talks about the need and the benefits of being an active participant in academic conferences, especially for ECR.

You will come away with knowledge of how you as a researcher can make the most of conferences by networking efficiently.

About the presenter

Sheba Agarwal-Jans

Publisher, Elsevier

Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans is a Scientific Editor at iScience, published by Elsevier's Cell Press, specializing in papers on microbiology, infection biology and virology. Previously, she was a Publisher at Elsevier, managing the Microbiology portfolio of journals in the Life Sciences department. Sheba’s PhD is in Molecular Genetics (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands). She is deeply involved in various inclusion and diversity activities at Elsevier. She is also the founder of the science communications blog We Talk Science, as well as the Seriously Wondering podcast.