Writing an effective CV

About this video

So you’ve decided to apply for a job in industry, but will your scholarly CV win you that longed-for interview? In this video, Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans, who left her lab position to join the Publishing team at Elsevier, looks at why companies just aren’t interested in scientific CVs. She explains that the focus needs to shift from listing your papers, awards, and conferences, to highlighting your abilities in areas like organization, management, and communication. And, she provides some tips for identifying those transferable skills.

You will also hear from Dr. Chiat Cheong, who shares the advice she gave researchers in her role as Project Manager at the Dutch Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI). Before you rewrite your CV, always contact the company with the vacancy (or a similar business), so you can gain some insight into the skills they are seeking.

You’ll come away understanding the value of reassessing your experiences and career, and with the ability to cherry pick the points that will help you win employment in industry.

About the presenter

Sheba Agarwal-Jans

Publisher, Elsevier

Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans is a Scientific Editor at iScience, published by Elsevier's Cell Press, specializing in papers on microbiology, infection biology and virology. Previously, she was a Publisher at Elsevier, managing the Microbiology portfolio of journals in the Life Sciences department. Sheba’s PhD is in Molecular Genetics (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands). She is deeply involved in various inclusion and diversity activities at Elsevier. She is also the founder of the science communications blog We Talk Science, as well as the Seriously Wondering podcast.