Catalysis for Clean Energy

About this video

The development of clean energy conversion technologies plays a fundamental role in addressing the global environment and climate change challenges caused by high-carbon emissions. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Chem Catalysis, the award-winning Cell Press title Chem presents a joint webinar to discuss the progress of sustainable catalysis.

Prof. Shizhang Qiao (University of Adelaide), Prof. Motomu Kanai (The University of Tokyo), Prof. Lizhu Wu (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS), and Prof. Shuhong Yu (University of Science and Technology of China) will introduce complementary aspects of catalysis research for clean energy applications, covering the topics of emerging photo-/electrocatalysis, artificial photosynthesis, small-molecule activation and green synthesis.

About the presenter

Shu-Hong Yu
Li-Zhu Wu
Shi-Zhang Qiao
Motomu Kanai