How To Publish in High Impact Journals

About this video

Join Dr. Robert Eagling, Cell Press Editor-in-Chief of Chem, and Dr. Rebecca Cooney, North American Executive Editor of The Lancet, to learn about techniques and strategies for authoring in high-impact journals. Dr. Eagling will present information on authoring with Cell Press, which includes such titles as Cell, Neuron, Chem, Immunity, Joule, and Cancer Cell. In addition, Dr. Cooney will represent publishing in The Lancet premium medical journal portfolio.

The editors will present their experience working with researchers and authors throughout the research publishing cycle, how to develop papers for premium publications, and the opportunity to broadly disseminate findings.

About the presenter

Dr. Robert Eagling

Editor-in-Chief, Chem

Robert Eagling, PhD, is a graduate of Newcastle University in England and brings to Chem his over 15 years of experience in chemistry publishing. He came to Cell Press from the Royal Society for Chemistry, where he helped grow submissions and readership of Chemical Society Reviews and Chemical Communications and led the launch of Chemical Science.

Dr. Rebecca Cooney

North American Executive Editor, The Lancet

Rebecca Cooney, Ph.D. serves as the North American Editor of The Lancet, based out of the New York City office. In addition to her role as a senior editor, she writes and records podcasts for The United States of Health Blog (  Dr. Cooney received her degree in Psychology from Stanford University in 2007, where her graduate work focused on the neural basis of cognitive and affective processes and the intergenerational transmission of depression. She continued this line of functional imaging research as a postdoctoral fellow in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute. She has published numerous academic papers and book chapters. Prior to joining The Lancet family in 2012, she worked as a research scientist supporting labs at Stanford, Columbia, and The University of Miami, and as the Assistant and Associate Editor of The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.