Introducing the Editor-in-Chief of Chem Catalysis

About this video

Get to know Dr. Ilaria Cianchetta, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of the new journal Chem Catalysis and learn more about her vision for the first field-focused journal from the award-winning Cell Press chemistry title Chem.

Chem Catalysis is a monthly journal publishing innovative and insightful research on fundamental and applied catalysis, providing a platform for researchers across chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields to disseminate and promote their work. The journal is a premier resource for scientists, researchers, and engineers in both academia and industry, bridging the multidisciplinary aspects and scales of the field. Chem Catalysis publishes experimental and theoretical studies in all fields of catalysis—heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysis—that report transformative methods, tools, and technologies that are of value to all communities. We give particular emphasis to reports that significantly advance our understanding of existing systems, expand the current knowledge with novel catalysts, and connect fundamental catalysis insights to the real world for the benefit of society.

About the presenter

Dr. Robert D. Eagling

Editor-in-Chief of Chem