Bioengineering for renewable energy and a sustainable future

About this video

Developing clean energy technologies and environmentally sustainable processes is now widely accepted to be vital to address the global issues of the 21st century. Bioenergy and bioengineering are important emerging interdisciplinary research areas that are poised to make major contributions towards solving these problems. This sphere of research also represents a significant cross-over space for two of Cell Press’ flagship journals in the biological and physical sciences, Cell and Joule.

In this webinar, leading experts Jean-Michael Ané, Patrick Shih, Sarah Glaven, and Jenny Zhang, discuss 4 key topic areas: artificial photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, bioengineering of methylotrophs and electromicrobiology. Following the talks there will be a panel discussion with our speakers, with opportunity for audience questions and continued discussion. The goal of this webinar is to bring together the biology, energy, and physical science communities to discuss progress and challenges in bioenergy/bioengineering research as well as the potential solutions that will enable their implementation.

About the presenter

Jenny Zhang
Sarah Glaven
Patrick Shih
Jean-Michael Ané