2.0 I just got a review invite, what’s next?

About this video

This section follows your journey from when you get the invitation to review. It deals with the questions you need to ask yourself before accepting or declining the invitation to review regarding conflicts of interest, bias and availability. It then delves into the steps you need to take in both scenarios of accepting or declining to review a manuscript.

About the presenter

Catriona Fennell

Director of Journal Services, Elsevier

Following graduation from the National University of Galway, Ireland, Catriona Fennell joined Elsevier as a Journal Manager in 1999. She later had the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of peer review while supporting and training hundreds of editors during the introduction of Elsevier Editorial System (EES). Since then, she has worked in various management roles in STM Journals Publishing, and as Director of Publishing Services, she is now responsible for its publishing integrity and reproducibility programs.