4.0 What next?


About this video

This final module of the course apprises you of your continued responsibility as a reviewer, and discusses how you can get recognition for your efforts.

About the presenter

Bahar Mehmani

Reviewer Experience Lead, Elsevier

Bahar is Reviewer Experience Lead in the Global Publishing Development department at Elsevier. She works on several projects related to the peer review process, all of which are designed to improve the process, recognize reviewers' contribution to the progress of science and make the process more transparent, collaborative and rewarding. She started her career at Elsevier as a managing editor for physics titles. Bahar received her PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Amsterdam in 2010 and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light before joining Elsevier in 2012. She is co-chair of the 2019 peer review week organization committee, a member of the PEERE: New Frontiers of peer review COST Action and a council member of the European Association for Science Editors (EASE). Bahar's recent publications include an article studying the impact of a pilot experiment she ran on open peer review on reviewer behavior.

Christopher Tancock

Senior Researcher Communications Manager

Christopher Tancock has worked in STM publishing for the past 14 years. He joined Elsevier in 2006 where he initially worked on social science book projects before moving to journals. He has managed various portfolios as a journal publisher including linguistics, history, education, sociology and political science. He is now Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Editors', Authors' and Reviewers' Updates and works on related communications projects. Chris has degrees in European studies and linguistics from Royal Holloway and the University of Oxford respectively and is based in the Oxford office. In his spare time, he is a Community First Responder with the South Central Ambulance Service. Chris is founder of Pint of Life, a new initiative which delivers free life-saving skills into the heart of the local community.