3.3 How to peer review a review article

About this video

Peer review is an essential part of publishing review articles, just like it is for research articles. Yet, without any experimental procedures to evaluate, data to assess, or conclusions to interpret, it isn’t always clear what you’re being asked to comment on or what standards you might use to recommend a manuscript for publication.

This module will explain what an editor looks for in a review of a review article and what your comments should focus on to be as helpful to the authors and the editor as possible. It will explain what the reviewer selection process looks like for Cell Press' Trends review journals and why you should accept that invitation to review a review article.

About the presenter

Matt Pavlovich

Editor of Trends in Biotechnology, Cell Press

Matt Pavlovich is the editor of Trends in Biotechnology, Cell Press’s home for reviews in applied biology. He earned his BS in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied the biological effects of air plasmas. He studied analytical chemistry as a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University, then joined Cell Press at the start of 2016. Matt is a senior manager in the Trends group and a part of the editorial teams for the Cell Press Podcast and Cell Mentor.