Introduction to the Certified Peer Reviewer Course

About this video

Would you like to become a certified peer reviewer? Elsevier Researcher Academy is pleased to announce a new certified course in peer reviewing. By taking the Certified Peer Reviewer course you will receive a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of refereeing. This live introduction will give you more information on what the course will offer, how much time you need to commit to it and what you will get out of it. You will learn a little more about the creators of the course and the syllabus that will be followed in the course. 

About the presenter

Priyanka Kalra

Project Manager, Researcher Academy

As a Project Manager Marketing at Elsevier, Priyanka Kalra manages Elsevier’s free e-learning platform, Researcher Academy. Through Researcher Academy, Priyanka aims to provide early career researchers with the tools they need to do better research. She holds three master’s degrees in the fields of international law, journalism and communications and is a Humanity in Action fellow. Other than being indecisive with her educational route, she likes to travel, read and work towards a more sustainable world with her No Straws Attached campaign. Follow Priyanka on LinkedIn.