The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens: An examination of research participation, career progression, and perceptions across the globe

About this video

Sarah Huggett explains the advances made at Elsevier to increase gender equality, diversity and inclusion, in which the Elsevier Gender Working Group has been playing a driving role. Priorities include: gender diversity for journal editors, preventing implicit bias in peer review, enhancing reporting on sex and gender dimensions in research, and promoting new studies. The Researcher Journey is one of the most recent reports. It shows that whilst progress has been made in improving representation of women, further change is urgently needed in physical science, in grant awarding and patents, in international collaborations and in promoting the value of gender equality.

About the presenter

Sarah Huggett

Head of Analytical Services APAC at Elsevier


Sarah Huggett is Head of Analytical Services APAC at Elsevier, based in Singapore. She leads a group providing consultative services to government agencies, funding bodies, policy makers, and research institutions planning for the future. Her team analyses research performance to offer insights and recommendations to research leaders. Sarah’s first job at Elsevier, in Research & Academic Relations in Oxford, UK, gave her expertise in using data to inform strategic planning. She has a particular interest in new developments in research evaluation, such as measures of attention and engagement. After completing a Bachelor’s then Master’s degrees at the University of Grenoble, France, Sarah moved to the UK to teach French at the University of Oxford, prior to joining Elsevier in 2006.


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