Gender Issues in Community Design for Ageing in Place

About this video

Prof Rieh explains how to design cities that are senior and gender friendly. Senior women in Korea form the biggest proportion of citizens but also the poorest. They rarely use a car or know how to drive. Female elderly individuals make up most public housing residents. Inappropriate guidelines have been neglecting their differentiated needs and this has been negatively affecting their quality of life in public housing. Recognizing the specific needs of female seniors is a key to successful provision of public housing by the government because the proportion of female seniors in public housing has been increasing. Important issues include ensuring life safety, accessibility issues to social venues such as restaurants and public meeting rooms, and the support for care facilities.

About the presenter

Sun-Young Rieh

Professor in the Department of Architecture, University of Seoul, Korea.

Sun-Young Rieh is a Professor in the Department of Architecture, University of Seoul, Korea. She is also a registered architect in both Korea and the USA.

Rieh studied architecture in Seoul National University and earned an M. Arch degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She received Arch.D degree from the University of Hawaii.  

Her research expertise includes sustainable environment, gendered urbanism and educational environments. She is the author of “Creating a Sense of Place in School Environments (2020) and “Boom or Bust?: The Future of Buildings in Teheran-ro District after the Gangnam Building Boom in Seoul”(2019). She has co-authored various books including “Global Planning Innovations for Urban Sustainability” (2018) and “2030 Seoul Plan Gender Analysis” (2013).

She led the research on ’Women -Friendly City Seoul’ and ‘Women- Friendly Special District Design, City of Sejong’. Her current research project includes ‘Community design empowering seniors for aging in place’.

She was the Fulbright visiting scholar at University of Hawaii (2007) and a visiting researcher at Delft University of Technology (2017).

 She served as a board member for AIK(Architectural Institute of Korea), KIA(Korean Institute of Architects). Currently she is a member of urban planning committee for Seoul Metropolitan Government.