Using proper manuscript language

About this module

Poor use of language can delay, or even prevent, a manuscript from being published. If editors and reviewers can’t understand the English, then they can’t grasp the full impact or message of your work. Even though your findings may break new ground, poor language quality could mean you don’t get the recognition you deserve.

This interactive module contains helpful advice for those starting out on their publishing career. We explain where the responsibility for tidying up the language lies and suggest where you can find support to improve it. We also examine the elements required to ensure your paper is clear and concise, and include a short guide to sentence construction and the use of tenses, and some important points about grammar.

You will come away with a clear understanding of why it is so important to get the language right and the skills to review and improve your manuscript.

About the presenter

Anthony Newman

Senior Publisher, Life Sciences, Elsevier

Anthony Newman is a Senior Publisher with Elsevier and is based in Amsterdam. Each year he presents numerous Author Workshops and other similar trainings worldwide. He is currently responsible for fifteen biochemistry and laboratory medicine journals, he joined Elsevier over thirty years ago and has been Publisher for more than twenty of those years. Before then he was the marketing communications manager for the biochemistry journals of Elsevier.  By training he is a polymer chemist and was active in the surface coating industry before leaving London and moving to Amsterdam in 1987 to join Elsevier.