Desk decisions

About this video

Once a manuscript has passed an initial submission check, editors must assess its content to determine whether it is suitable for peer review. The result of this assessment is known as a desk decision. Key considerations include whether the manuscript fits the scope of the journal, the scientific content appears to be sound, the research was conducted ethically, and the writing meets the journal’s required standard of scholarship. In this interactive module, we explain the possible desk decisions and walk you through the steps to make them.

About the presenters

Dawn Nahlen


Dawn has worked in nursing journals at Elsevier for 24 years, moving from copy editor to managing editor to publisher. She currently manages 12 nursing titles and has worked on another 6. Holding a master’s degree from the world’s oldest journalism school, she also has edited several books. She’s most proud of her roles as mother of 2 boys and spouse of a singer/songwriter/musician/producer.

Elizabeth Hancock

Editorial Team Leader

Izzy Hancock was an editorial team leader for Heliyon in London.