How to prepare your manuscript


About this module

Most researchers never forget the joy and satisfaction of publishing their first paper. But for those starting out, the path to publication often ends in disappointment. With the rejection rate high for many journals, it is well worth learning the basics before you submit your manuscript.

In this interactive module, we take a look at the publishing cycle and the process of peer review. We help you determine whether you are ready to publish your work, discuss the manuscript forms available, and highlight points to consider when choosing the right journal for your research. 

You will come away with an understanding of the publishing process and the steps you should follow when preparing to publish for the first time.

About the presenter

Anthony Newman

Senior Publisher, Life Sciences, Elsevier

As a scientific publisher, Anthony Newman is managing and developing more than a dozen journals to make them better vehicles for authors' publications. Previous positions in marketing have helped to always look for the win-win in all relationships and dealings. Anthony gives author workshops at institutes across the world bringing him in touch with many researchers and he has a great understanding of their challenges in getting published. His goal is always geared towards helping people better help themselves in whatever they do.