From article to art: Creating visual abstracts - Part 4: Sketching the appropriate visual elements

About this video

In Part 4 of our "From article to art: Creating visual abstracts" module, Mark Belan will guide you in selecting your visual components and portraying the outcome precisely, as well as preparing a layout of the process. He will also talk about how you can arrange and connect the individual components. After you complete this module, you should understand how to sketch your visualisation on paper and work out the possibilities of effective story narration. 

About the presenter

Mark Belan

Founder, artsci studios

Mark Belan is the founder of artsci studios, an independently organized studio that produces visual materials for communicating all things science. Mark loves telling stories with illustrations. He takes complex and sophisticated scientific ideas and translates them into beautiful and informative visuals that command attention, educate audiences, and leave a lasting impression.