Introduction to PlumX

About this video

PlumX metrics provides insights beyond the traditional citation metrics: it looks into ways people interact with individual pieces of research output (articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, and many more) in the online environment.

In this interactive module, we look into how PlumX metrics are divided into five categories to help make sense of the large amount of data involved.

You will come away with an understanding of why PlumX metrics is important and how to effectively use it to tell the story of your research.

About the presenter

Stephanie Faulkner
Stephanie Faulkner

Director of Product Management, Research Metrics

Stephanie Faulkner has spent over 20 years in the information industry involved in the development, launch and support of numerous software-as-a-service tools and most recently PlumX Metrics, CiteScore and other indicators and classifications in Elsevier products.  In her current role, Stephanie is Director of Product Management, Research Indicators at Elsevier and an Advisory Board member of the International Center for the Study of Research.  She and works closely with academic institutions, researchers, funders, not-for-profit organizations, corporations and publishers to explore the development of new forms of metrics, indicators and classifications to support research evaluation.