Publishing open access


About this video

The rapid transformation of the publishing environment and the increasing demand for open access publishing highlights the opportunities this metamorphosis brings to academia and the research community. Yet, with questions regarding choosing the appropriate OA journal, rights of an OA author and different models of OA publishing becoming more prominent, having accurate information is essential to understanding the journey of your article.

In this webinar, experts, both from the publishing and the editorial side, discuss the main elements authors should consider when publishing open access. Zoë Mullan, editor of open access journal, the Lancet Global Health and Lydia Tacx, Director of Open Access Enablement Journal Indexation, speak about how to choose the right OA journal for your article, how open access publishing works, the rights and opportunities for OA authors and a lot more, while addressing the importance of publishing open access.

You will gain both behind the scenes insights into open access from the publishers’ and editorial side, while understanding how you as an author can create impact with your research.

About the presenter

Zoë Mullan

Founding editor of The Lancet Global Health

Zoë Mullan is the Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal, The Lancet Global Health. She trained in Biochemistry at the University of Bath, UK, before joining the publishing world in 1997 as a Scientific Information Officer with CAB International. She moved on to The Lancet in 1999, where she has worked since, variously as a technical editor, section editor, and founding editor of The Lancet Global Health.

Lydia Tacx

Director Open Access Enablement Journal Indexation

Lydia is the Director of Open Access Enablement Journal Indexation at Elsevier. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal processes and policies around open access and communicating these to the research community. She recently launched an e-commerce author engagement tool to communicate effectively with authors about our publishing options, as well as with funders and institutes in terms of relevant racking metrics.