How to respond to reviewers' comments

About this video

Many Publishers and editors have initiatives in place to help researchers hone their reviewing skills. In contrast, little time is spent advising authors how to respond to those reviewer comments. In this webinar recording, Elsevier Publisher Paul Cumine seeks to redress that balance by sharing some practical tips with early and mid-career researchers.

So long as the reviewers’ advice is constructive, you will want to keep the momentum going, but Paul advises taking a break; that gives you the opportunity to absorb the feedback and get input from others. And, he has plenty of advice to help you through the following stages, from drafting your response letter to the tone and language you should use. He also has some useful pointers on dealing with comments if your paper is rejected.

You’ll come away armed with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to successfully prepare your response to reviewers and increase your chances of publishing success.

About the presenter

Paul Cumine

Publisher, Elsevier

Paul Cumine has been a publisher at Elsevier for 2 years and is currently responsible for the Geophysics and Geochemists portfolio. Prior to joining Elsevier, he worked at Wiley for 5 years as a publisher in both Social Sciences and Health Sciences. Paul has worked with over 100 journals and their respective Editors, Board Members, Societies, reviewers, readers and authors.