Women in and for sustainable energy

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Rabia Ferroukhi and Christine Lins, whose organisations are working closely together to advance women into energy sector, report on the key gender issues in increasing employment of women in energy sector to speed up transition towards renewable energy sources. Many barriers and obstacles need to be overcome such as gender stereotypes, unfriendly workplaces, and the glass ceiling effects. The two organisations are monitoring women’s participation in the renewable energy sector as employees, decision makers and leaders, and provide a range of support measures to advance women for sustainable energy.

About the presenter

Dr Rabia Ferroukhi

Director of Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)



Dr. Rabia Ferroukhi joined IRENA in 2011. She is currently the Director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre where she oversees the Agency’s work on knowledge, policy and finance, including: efforts to produce up-to-date and authoritative renewable energy data and information; analysis to identify best practice in renewable energy policies and finance; and advice and support to countries, tailoring policy and investment analysis to renewables deployment in the field.

Dr. Ferroukhi brought to this position over 20 years of experience in the fields of energy, development and environment. She worked in both public and private sectors, including with governments in the Middle-East and North Africa, energy companies in the Mediterranean region and the GCC, and international institutions.

Dr. Ferroukhi holds a Masters in Applied Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics from the American University in Washington DC.


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