4.2 Concerns by Editors and Publishers

About this video

In this module, Sanne Peters discusses the concerns of Editors and Publishers regarding the implementation of the SAGER Guidelines, and offers recommendations to overcome some of these barriers.

About the presenter

Sanne Peters
Dr. Sanne Peters


Dr. Sanne Peters is an epidemiologist with appointments as Associate Professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht and as Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on sex and gender differences in the prevention, presentation, management, and outcomes of chronic disease, mainly cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Using large databases, she aims to reliably quantify where those differences exist and to identify the biological, behavioural, and genetic factors underpinning such differences. Another important part of her work involves the assessment of disparities in treatment and care provided for cardiovascular diseases, both for primary and secondary prevention, and what influence such differences have on subsequent adverse outcomes.

Dr. Peters’ research has been supported by several prestigious grants and fellowships, including a 4-year strategic skills development fellowship from the UK Medical Research Council (2017) and 5-year Vidi fellowship from the Dutch Research Council (2021). She is a World Heart Federation Emerging Leader.

She is Speciality Chief Editor for 'Sex and Gender Differences in Disease' in the Frontiers in Global Women's Health journal and Associate Editor at BMJ Global Health. She is Nucleus Member of the Population Science and Public Health Section of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology and member of the Science Committee of the World Heart Federation.