4.1 The Role of Publishers

About this video

In this module, Jessica Miles, Head of Speed of Publication Program at Elsevier focuses on the significance of the SAGER Guidelines for publishers. She also highlights the role of publishers in helping to support the SAGER Guidelines, focusing on their engagement with authors, editors, and reviewers.

About the presenter

Jessica Miles, PhD

Co-chair, Elsevier's Gender Equity Taskforce

Jessica Miles, PhD, is the co-chair of the Sex & Gender Dimension of Research Reporting workstream of Elsevier's Gender Equity Taskforce. She manages a cross-functional initiative to enhance Elsevier's end-to-end publishing process for authors, editors, and reviewers.

Previously, she led a team of 16 PhD-trained editors as Publisher of the Trends reviews journals, served as Interim Editor of Trends in Microbiology, supported Cell Press's society partners, and directed the high-profile Cell Cymposia conference series.

She holds a doctorate in Microbiology from Yale University.