Sustainable care for children with cancer: a Lancet Oncology Commission


Wednesday 18 November at 12:00 (UTC)

About this video

Cancer kills more than 100,000 children each year, and yet 80% of paediatric cancers are curable with currently available interventions. Notably, the majority of these deaths occur in low‐income and middle-income countries. Yet no reliable data are available in low-income and middle-income countries on the burden of childhood cancer; on the cost of effective interventions; on current health coverage levels; or on the cost, feasibility, or health and economic benefits of scaling-up effective coverage.

In March, 2020, The Lancet Oncology published a Commission on Sustainable care for children with cancer, which provided a new analysis of the global childhood cancer burden and developed an economic investment case and evidence-based medical framework for implementing, integrating, and scaling up care pathways for childhood cancer.

Join Dr. Ali Landman, Deputy Editor of The Lancet Oncology, and Commission authors, as they discuss the aims, findings, and recommendations from the Commission.

About the presenter

Ali Landman

Deputy Editor, The Lancet Oncology, London, UK

Dr Ali Landman has been Deputy Editor of The Lancet Oncology since March, 2019. She earned her PhD in Cancer Biology from MIT (Cambridge, MA, USA) in 2009, and pursued post-doctoral research in cancer biology at the University of California San Francisco, University College London, and MRC Harwell, before joining The Lancet Oncology in January, 2015, as a Senior Editor.