Content ownership


About this module

Who controls how the work you’ve produced is used and distributed to others? Does copyright protect the underlying facts and ideas? And, what about the way you express your thoughts and describe your research and conclusions in your writing?

These are just some of the questions answered in this helpful interactive module as we explore the facts and myths around author rights and content ownership. We also look at the contents of a typical publisher agreement and explain what each of the sections mean. And, we explore your rights as an author if you publish with Elsevier.

You’ll come away armed with the knowledge you need to navigate the complex topic of content ownership.

About the presenter

Christiaan van Vliet

Associate General Counsel, Elsevier

Christiaan van Vliet has worked for over 7 years at Reed Elsevier subsidiary Elsevier as an international company counsel, responsible for legal guidance and support to both Elsevier’s Amsterdam based publishing departments and the EMEA and Latin American sales teams. He obtained a degree in Dutch law from Maastricht University in 1999. During his studies, he studied for one academic year at the law faculties of the University of Trier and the Universite de Montesquieu II, Bordeaux.