Going through peer review

When you’ve already invested so much time in your manuscript, it’s not always easy to hear that a reviewer thinks it needs more work. In these modules, we provide some useful advice on how to deal with those reviewer comments and keep your submission moving smoothly through the publishing process. You will learn the initial steps you should take, and the correct tone and language to use in your response letter. We also help you see your manuscript through the eyes of an editor and reviewer, so you can spot any shortfalls or mistakes before you submit.

What you will learn

  • Practical advice on how to respond to reviewers
  • An explanation of what reviewers are looking for
  • Tips on looking at your submission with a critical eye

Modules in Going through peer review

37 m
Going through peer review

How to respond to reviewers' comments

It’s not easy to receive feedback on your submission but we have plenty of top tips to help you respond.
31 m
Going through peer review

How do editors look at your paper?

Getting published isn’t easy. We help level the playing field by revealing what an editor really wants.