How to promote yourself and your research as an Early Career Researcher

About this video

What does it take to be successful as an early career researcher? How much does communicating your research make a difference? Does participating and winning prestigious awards like the Early Career Researcher award help the advancement of your research career?

Learn from the winners of the Researchers’ Choice Communication Award on what steps you can take to ensure that your actions are leading towards the success of your research career! They will share their personal experience and tips and tricks to help you communicate your research and make a difference in society.

About the presenters

Matthew Allen

Director of Cardiff Science Festival

Matthew completed his PhD in 2016 and now works within public engagement in Cardiff, Wales. Matthew works as part of a Wales-wide project to engage students, aged 10-14, in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This includes developing Virtual and Augmented Reality apps to teach students about physics and astrophysics. Matthew is also the director of Cardiff Science Festival, which supports researchers to run events over the 4 day long festival, reaching thousands of people annually.

Joanne Jordan

Freelance Environmental Social Scientist

Joanne Jordan is a freelance environmental social scientist working on the interconnected problems of climate change and poverty. She specialises in three broad interlinked themes: climate change resilience, adaptation and vulnerability of low-income and disadvantaged groups; risk perception and culture; and climate change communication through the creative arts.