Life after publication: How to promote your work for maximum impact

About this video

In an era of ever-increasing scientific publications, early career researchers face the challenge of standing out amidst the noise. In this webinar recording, Christopher Tancock, Senior Communications Manager at Elsevier will help you navigate this competitive landscape.

Chris looks at how we can work together to make sure your research doesn’t fall through the cracks. He explains that promotion starts long before your manuscript is finished, and highlights the points you should think about while writing your paper. He shares SEO tips that will help ensure your research appears high on the lists of results returned by search engines. He explores the actions you can take once your paper is published, and how you can track your success. Additionally, he runs through the tools available to support you and explains how Elsevier can help. Discover effective strategies for gaining attention and impact for your research. Learn how to craft compelling narratives, engage with your audience through digital platforms, and build a network that elevates your work. 

Whatever your career stage, you’ll come away with a thorough grounding in the skills required to get your research noticed in today’s competitive publishing environment. 

About the presenter

Christopher Tancock
Christopher Tancock

Senior Communications Manager

Christopher Tancock has worked in STM publishing for the past 16 years. He joined Elsevier in 2006 where he initially worked on social science book projects before moving to journals. He has managed various portfolios as a journal publisher including linguistics, history, education, sociology and political science. He is now Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Editors', Authors' and Reviewers' Updates and works on related communications projects. Chris has degrees in European Studies and Linguistics from Royal Holloway and the University of Oxford respectively and is based in the Oxford office. In his spare time, he is a Community First Responder with the South Central Ambulance Service. Chris is founder of Pint of Life, an initiative which delivers free life-saving skills into the heart of his local community