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Research data management

How to conduct evidence-based research

Research data management

It’s an increasingly common condition of funding that the data associated with your work should be made available, accessible, discoverable, and usable.

Our series of data management modules contain all the information you need to help you comply with these requirements. You will also discover how sharing research data can help with reproducibility issues and provide your peers with existing work to build on.

The modules explain the solutions already in place to support you in sharing, and explore how you can cite data and why that can benefit your career. You will also be introduced to data management plans and receive advice on building an effective one.

Total Time
3+ hours
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  • English

What you will learn

  • Why data sharing is so important
  • An introduction to data management plans
  • Information about the sharing solutions on offer
5 modules
1 h
Research data management

How to conduct evidence-based research

It’s natural to think that all research is evidence based given the long citation lists that research papers come with.
1 h
Research data management

How to manage and publish your research data

The need for sharing data today expands beyond its purpose of promoting transparency and reproducibility.
36 m
Research data management

How researchers store, share and use data

Discover the advantages of data sharing and how you can contribute to improving research reproducibility.
40 m
Research data management

Creating a good research data management plan

Find out why you need a data management plan and what it takes to write an effective one.
39 m
Research data management

How researchers benefit from citing data

An in-depth look at citing data and how it can help you build your reputation as a researcher.