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Research collaborations

Research collaborations are becoming increasingly common. Several research grants and career advancement opportunities are directly linked to research collaboration.

Collaborations in research come in many forms, including co-authorship, research network building, joint research, and research partnerships. Early career researchers, in particular, stand to gain a lot from collaborations, either by getting involved in existing research groups, or by looking for collaborators whose skills are complementary to theirs. In these modules, you will learn how (and why) to collaborate with industry, how international collaborations work, and how to create and sustain research collaborations over time.

Total Time
3+ hours
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  • English

What you will learn

  • Advice on how collaborate with industry
  • Guidance on making research collaborations work
  • An introduction to the importance of collaborations 
3 modules
1 h
Research collaborations

How to produce highly visible research: Useful tips for researchers

While research is the central part of a researcher’s life, producing high-impact work by engaging in multidisciplinary and collaborative research is an added demand to the already substantial workl
1 h
Research collaborations

The key to successful academic collaborations

Academic collaborations with researchers from varying backgrounds can act as a conduit to innovative ideas and solutions.
1 h
Research collaborations

Making academia–industry collaborations work

Collaborations with industry partners on specialized projects are becoming commonplace. Learn how to avoid the main pitfalls.