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Breaking the publishing ethics rules can badly damage your reputation as a researcher, and even spell the end of your career. In this module series, we provide you with the support and advice you need to ensure your manuscript and actions are ethically sound.

We explore why it is crucial to observe the existing guidelines and the consequences when you fail to meet those obligations. We then look at some of the rules around authorship and plagiarism in a little more detail. And, we explain your rights as an author, and how you go about obtaining permission to use content from copyrighted publications.

Total Time
5+ hours
0 / 7
  • English

What you will learn

  • An explanation of publishing ethics
  • Insight into the rules you should observe
  • Information about content ownership and permissions
7 modules
1 h

Plagiarism: Decision making & dealing with grey-zones across academic Fields

Plagiarism is often considered a classic form of scientific misconduct.
1.5 h

Detecting Image Manipulation: Routines, Tools & Limitations

Advancing technology has put the control of scientific images in the hands of researchers and authors.
40 m


While plagiarism is serious, it’s easy to avoid. We explain how to keep on the right side of the rules.
40 m


We explore what it takes to really earn your place on a paper’s list of authors.
40 m

Content ownership

You’ve written a paper, but who technically owns it? We clear up the mystery.
41 m

Why you can't afford to ignore publication ethics

How publishing ethics can help make or break a researcher’s career.
14 m

Demystifying permissions

Everything you need to know about permissions and the pitfalls to avoid.