Inclusion & Diversity in scientific publishing: why it’s a requirement, not a choice


About this video

Inequality in academic research is manifested in many ways. Women, racial and ethnic minorities are vastly underrepresented in academia. Sex and gender analysis are yet to be fully integrated into the design of research. All this keeps us from maximizing creativity in science and delivering excellence. The future of science depends on robust and diverse participation from all backgrounds.

In this Webinar Caeul Lim, Senior editor and I&D officer at Cell Press will discuss how integral I&D is in data collection and communication of scientific finding and publishing and why "sticking to the science" does not work without inclusion and diversity. She will present examples of I&D initiatives across Cell Press and Elsevier. This webinar is intended for colleagues in publishing, ECRs, and academics from all backgrounds. You will come away with understanding why it is essential to integrate inclusion, equality, and diversity in various aspects in research.

About the presenter

Caeul Lim

Senior Scientific Editor at Cell Press, I&D Officer 

Caeul Lim joined Cell Press, and is currently a Senior Scientific Editor at Cell Host & Microbe. This year, she has taken the additional role of Cell Press’ Inclusion & Diversity officer, where she oversees initiatives to increase inclusion, equity and diversity in publishing and in the scientific community.