Career planning

Being an effective researcher requires method and order, and those strong organization skills can prove just as useful when it comes to mapping out your career.

In these career planning modules, we learn about the importance of investigating and considering all options before deciding on your next step. We discover why knowing and understanding yourself can be the key to making good choices. We explore whether a PhD is valued outside academia, and we hear why changing career, or even your field of study, can bring big benefits and opportunities for fresh and novel thinking.

What you will learn

  • Guidance on strategic career planning
  • What industry employers think of PhDs
  • Help with choosing a field of study

Modules in Career planning

21 m
Career planning

Business Development for Researchers

Business benefits with deep insights from research, but is it possible for researchers to benefit from business models?
48 m
Career planning

Lean Startup Principles

The temptation to work in the industry while not wanting to leave academia is a common contention for many researchers in their career trajectory.
1 h
Career planning

Design Thinking: Turn research into innovation

Innovation is vital for most working fields and research is not an exception. In fact, innovation is a central tenet of research that can advance the field based on previous body of knowledge.
3 m
Career planning

The right choice of study

Discover why it’s never too late to change disciplines and the many advantages to be gained.