GCF's Gender Policy and Implementation

About this video

Seblewongel Negussie explains the processes to integrate gender assessment and gender action plans as requirements across internal functions, all interventions, mitigation & adaptation activities, in both private & public projects. These processes include: accreditation, project preparation facility; review and appraisal of funding proposal; implementation; Annual Performance Reports; readiness activities to address gender related capacity gaps or issues, and National Action Plans for addressing gender issues.


About the presenter

Seblewongel Deneke Negussie

Gender and Social Specialist at the Green Climate Fund



Seblewongel Deneke Negussie is the Gender and Social Specialist at the Green Climate Fund with over two years at the Fund. She comes from Ethiopia and has 20 years plus working experience on gender issues with both national and international organizations. She has been working in the agriculture and food security, good governance, private sector and nutrition ensuring gender is mainstreamed. She has led and been involved in strategy and policy development, project /program design, implementation and supervision works. - grounded and experience working with communities, on agriculture, food security, forestry as well as in the preventions of harmful practices and violence against women issues.