Mobilising, enhancing and harmonising the capacity of research funders to advance women and gender perspectives in research programmes for better quality of impact

About this video

Prof Almeida explains the mission of the Global Research Council, which is composed of heads of national research councils from around the world, to advance research and develop the needed talent pool of researchers to ensure excellence in knowledge production. This mission includes special focus on women and improving their participation in science as researchers and as leaders in science. To make progress, the GRC have created a Working Group on Gender and established Champions who take active role in helping GRC member organisation to work in harmony for a sustainable change.

About the presenter

Dr. Ana Maria F. Almeida

co-lead of the Global Research Council Gender Working Group


Dr. Ana Maria F. Almeida is the co-lead of the Global Research Council Gender Working Group. She works at the Sao Paulo Research Foundation as Special Advisor to the Scientific Director in Social Sciences and Humanities and is Professor of Education and Inequality at the University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.