Finding the right journal

If you want to get your paper published, one of the key challenges you face is finding the right journal for your research. From the aims and scope, to the journal’s values and ethical practice, there are many points to take into account. 

You will want to consider the impact of the journal and there are various metrics available to help you do that. In this series of modules, we explore all these important decision factors in detail. We hear from experts who have practical tips to help you make the right choice. And, we share a useful checklist you can use when evaluating the many journals available.

What you will learn

  • Tips for assessing a journal’s aims and scope
  • Advice on judging a journal’s ethics
  • A useful guide to journal and article metrics

Modules in Finding the right journal

56 m
Finding the right journal

Rejected manuscripts: Next steps and finding the right fit

Has your paper ever been rejected? Most likely yes. Do you know how to deal with it the right way? Probably no.
7 m
Finding the right journal

Understanding manuscript rejection and reasons why

It is important not to take manuscript rejection personally.
2 m
Finding the right journal

Appealing the rejection and why you should think twice

Although appealing the decision is within your right as an author, it’s worth noting that most appeals are not successful unless invited.
4 m
Finding the right journal

Finding the right fit: Resources that make your search easier  

In most cases, you’re more likely to find success by submitting your manuscript elsewhere after a rejection.
3 m
Finding the right journal

Transferring your paper and the benefits explained 

If you receive a transfer offer, a curated list of journals that match your work is right at your fingertips.
7 m
Finding the right journal

Improving your chances of acceptance next time 

Since you’ve taken stock of the editor/reviewer comments and found the right journal, what’s next?
20 m
Finding the right journal

Using the most relevant metrics to help you choose the right journal

After investing so much time and effort in your manuscript, you want to find a journal that has a suitable scope and the quality level you are looking for – not always an easy task.
15 m
Finding the right journal

How to easily spot reliable journals

Learn the steps required to select the right home for your research, improving your chances of publication success.
8 m
Finding the right journal

Using AI to match your abstract to the right journal

When it comes to finding the right journal – there is a lot to consider.