Bláthín Casey

Blathin Casey


Post-Doctoral researcher at D1-Now

Bláthín is a Post-Doctoral researcher with the D1-Now study team under Prof Sean Dineen and Prof Molly Byrne here at the HBCRG at NUI Galway. She is looking forward to bringing her experience to the team and assisting in the development of a complex intervention to improve health outcomes among young adults with Type 1 Diabetes in Ireland.

Blathín graduated from the University of Limerick (UL) in 2013 with a BSc, 1st class honours degree in physiotherapy. She was awarded a scholarship from MS Ireland in 2014 to enter a structured PhD programme at the University of Limerick (UL) under Prof Susan Coote and the MS Research team at UL. Bláthín submitted her thesis in Decmeber 2017, namely, ‘Activity Matters’. ‘Activity Matters’ aimed to develop a web-based physical activity resource to enable people with MS to become more active.  

Although early in her research career, Blathin has 10 peer-reviewed publications and has presented her work orally at both a national and international level. Research interests include working with individuals with long-term conditions and changing health behaviours within these populations.