Editor Webinar Series – Learning & Content Management

Elsevier’s Learning and Content Management (LCM) team is a global team whose mission is to provide researchers with the learning materials they need to effectively use and understand the Editorial Manager submission system. 

The Video First approach provides on-demand access to learning via the Editor Guide to Editorial Manager and an extensive collection of short videos via the LCM You Tube channel.

Regular Editor Webinars give a live demo of Editorial Manager, with the chance to ask questions to the LCM team. Browse forthcoming live Editor Webinars here.

What you will learn

  • The essential components of Editorial Manager, needed to perform your editor role.
  • Insight into how to use the system most effectively to organise your workload and manage submissions to your journal.
  • How to access a wealth of learning materials that will support you on all aspects of using Editorial Manager.

Modules in Editor Webinar Series – Learning & Content Management

1 h
Editor Webinar Series – Learning & Content Management

Editor training on Editorial Manager

This 60-minute recording is a full EM training session aimed at all editor roles, including Associate Editor and Guest Editor roles, covering the essential editorial steps needed in EM as well as E