Thinking numbers in pictures: Data visualization for research articles

About this video

Imagine a research article without graphs or plots! How difficult would it be to understand or explain science without data visualization?

There is no doubt that visualizing data benefits research analysis and storytelling. Most often, picturing data in a plot is preferred over a table. It can help identify patterns, trends, and connections in the data and even allows innovative scientific discoveries. However, one question remains: How do you choose the right plot for your data?

In this module, Robert Kosara, Data Visualization Developer at ObservableHQ, will help you understand the what and why of data visualization. You will learn about commonly used plots, their benefits, and their limitations. Robert will also discuss how the choice of colors and shapes can influence our understanding or mislead data interpretation.

About the presenter

Dr Robert Kosara
Dr Robert Kosara

Data Visualization Developer at ObservableHQ 

Robert Kosara is Data Vis Developer at Observable. Prior to Observable, he was Lead Research Scientist at Tableau Software and Associate Professor of Computer Science at UNC Charlotte. He has created visualization techniques like Parallel Sets and performed research into the perceptual and cognitive basics of visualization. Recently, Robert’s research has focused on how to communicate and collaborate with data, and how storytelling can be adapted to incorporate data, interaction, and visualization.