From article to art: Creating visual abstracts

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One of the most daunting activities when submitting a research article could be preparing a visual abstract. While many may not find synthesizing the information difficult, some find designing the abstract a huge task. We at Researcher Academy hear your request to enable and train you to design a visual abstract effectively.  

This module brings experts from all relevant fields – publishers and visual communicators – to share the best practices, knowledge, tips, and tools for designing an effective visual abstract.

    About the presenter

    Michelle Feng He
    Michelle Feng He

    Publisher, Elsevier

    Based in New York, Michelle joined Elsevier from Springer Nature where she developed the journal strategies across their oncology, surgery, pathology, and life-sciences programs. Her interests and strengths lie in data science, society partnership management, and reviewer engagement programs. As a Publisher, Michelle’s first priority is ensuring that all journal stakeholders have the necessary data to make strategic decisions regarding the impact and growth of their journals.

    Ginny Pittman

    Executive Publisher, Elsevier

    As an Executive Publisher at Elsevier, Ginny Pittman collaborates with authors, editors, and scholarly societies to develop world-leading orthopedic journals. She is based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

    Lipsa Panda
    Lipsa Panda

    Communications Manager, Elsevier

    As a Communications Manager at Elsevier, Lipsa works closely with the STMJ team and focuses on building relationships with researchers. In her role, she develops, executes, and analyses communication strategies highlighting Elsevier’s products, solutions, and corporate social responsibilities to authors. Due to her personal interest, she ensures to diversify and enrich her communications with visuals.

    With a Ph.D. in respiratory immunology and experience in visual communication, she is passionate about science communication and democratizing design among researchers.

    Mark Belan

    Founder, artsci studios

    Mark Belan is the founder of artsci studios, an independently organized studio that produces visual materials for communicating all things science. Mark loves telling stories with illustrations. He takes complex and sophisticated scientific ideas and translates them into beautiful and informative visuals that command attention, educate audiences, and leave a lasting impression.


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