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Book writing

Becoming a book author or editor can be a useful career move and help position you as an expert in your field. In this series of book writing modules, we explore the various ways you can become involved in book publishing and what you should consider before taking that step.

If books prove to be the right path for you, we offer advice on the various types available, the process of writing a book proposal, and how to identify the right publisher. Once your book finally hits the shelves, you’ll want to maximize discoverability – we show you how. 

Total Time
0+ hours
0 / 3
  • English

What you will learn

  • Why you should publish a book
  • How to write a compelling proposal
  • How to promote your work 
3 modules
12 m
Book writing

Why write a book?

Find out why it’s time to think about adding ‘book author’ to your CV.
12 m
Book writing

How to get your book published

How to write a compelling book proposal and increase your chances of getting that all important ‘yes’.
14 m
Book writing

Discoverability: top tips to get your book out there

Discoverability – we determine what it means and how it can help your book reach the right readers.