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Research design

Research requires extensive knowledge of how to improve and make use of certain opportunities that might arise.

This module explains all about research design, including several tools and steps on how to advance your research evaluation strategies, as well as recognizing and optimizing your actions regarding research gaps.

Total Time
1+ hours
0 / 3
  • English

What you will learn

  • Identifying research gaps
  • Advancing research evaluation strategies
3 modules
1 h
Research design

How to integrate sex, gender, and intersectional analysis into research

In this module, experts will speak on how researchers can integrate sex, gender, and intersectional analysis into the design of their research
10 m
Research design

How to enhance your chances of serendipitous research discovery

One should always look for ways to advance research evaluation strategies in all fields of knowledge production. Serendipitous research could prepare you for this.  
12 m
Research design

How to identify research gaps

Researching is an ongoing task, as it requires you to think of something nobody else has thought of before. This is where the research gap comes into play.