Communicating your research

Social impact

Your paper may be valued by your peers, but increasingly, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. These days, funders often ask you to show your work has relevance beyond the academic arena too.

But what form should that societal impact take and how can you demonstrate it? In this series of modules, we explore some definitions and measurements. We look at how you can bring a wider audience in contact with your work and some of the unexpected outcomes. We also explore the topic of lay summaries and how they can introduce your research to a whole new group of readers.

What you will find
  • What is societal impact
  • Advice on sharing your research more widely
  • Tips on writing a great lay summary

Ensuring visibility

With so much new research published each year, it’s never been more important to actively promote your paper. In this series of modules, we share some useful tips to help you increase the visibility of your work. 

You will hear about the importance of SEO, (search engine optimization), and the points to consider when writing your paper. We introduce some of the tools available to support you and help you track your efforts. 

What you will find
  • How to prepare for promotion at the writing stage
  • Actions you can take post-publication
  • Tips for tracking and measuring your success

Inclusion and Diversity for Researchers

According to recent data, diversity in academia leads to more impactful scientific research. Therefore, creating an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed is critical to the advancement of science. But how does one go about this?

In this section of Researcher Academy, various experts will share to introduce the basic concepts of I&D, as well as a “how-to” manual on addressing these issues specifically in academia. These webinars are aimed at anyone in academia who is interested in I&D awareness, education and setting up an I&D program where they work.

What you will find