How to promote your research for maximum impact

About this module

The number of papers published worldwide is growing, and growing fast. For most researchers, it’s a challenge just to keep up with the literature – Elsevier research shows it takes you, on average, seven hours per week. So, it’s no surprise that findings can sometimes be missed. 

In this webinar recording, Gwen van der Heide from Elsevier’s Author Services team looks at how we can work together to make sure your research doesn’t fall through the cracks.  She explains that promotion starts long before your manuscript is finished, and highlights the points you should think about while writing your paper. She has lots of SEO tips, that will help ensure your research appears high on the lists of results returned by search engines. She explores the actions you can take once your paper is published, and how you can track your success. Additionally, she runs through the tools available to support you and how Elsevier can help.

Whatever your career stage, you’ll come away with a thorough grounding in the skills required to get your research noticed in today’s competitive publishing environment. 

About the presenter

Gwen Van der Heide

Project Manager, Elsevier

Based in Amsterdam, Gwen van der Heide works for Elsevier for almost 17 years. She worked in various roles in Journal Publishing, being a Marketing Communication Manager for several portfolios in Life Sciences during the past nine years. Currently as Project Manager, she is driving the 'Get Noticed' programme for early career researchers. She holds an MA in English Linguistics and Literature from the University of Amsterdam.